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Attention Dark Orbit players, we are InterStellar Kindness and we invite any and all VRU pilot's to join us here at InterStellar Kindness! We have no minimum requirements at this time only that you are VRU and English is your first language. We offer guidance and team work in a laid back atmosphere.
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botched party

[ISK] -WNFerg-, Apr 3, 11 10:47 PM.
Sorry to Fungal, Ape, and Night, about the hunting mission... I ran into a problem at the gate it wouldnt let me jump so I started trading ammo with the vengi on the otherside who was almost popped when it jumped me to you guys... notice I didnt take any damage? well in my message a cursed and got banned... knowing I couldnt communicate with ya I figured if I pinged ya and took off you might follow because of all the other ships that showed up... sorry about your loss fellas...

About Me...

Shorty_2313, Mar 21, 11 3:03 PM.

I just wanted to give everyone a heads up on who I am exactly. I was formerly FTUShoRty2313 from the MMO clan Lords Of WAR. Level 10. I was their recruiter which is how I met all_night. I also had a VRU account that was Shorty_2313. My MMO clan disbanded. My best friend and my boyfriend were my clan leaders, and they decided to join another clan. I've decided to play my VRU account and start leveling it up. I'm all for helping fellow company members, but they abandoned me and that means war. I'm pretty knowledgeable when it comes to helping the Noobs, and I know how to help people level up. I'm also an escort for the Noobs, I go out and protect them while they level up or do their box hunting. I'd really like to feel useful so if anyone needs help please let me know. So I just wanted to say hello to all of you! I look forward to playing with all of you. Stay in touch everyone!



[-ISK-] Khadaver, Mar 19, 11 6:52 AM.
I don't know how many of you caught my shout about this so here it is again. I have the flu it's pretty bad, not as young as I once was and it is taking a heavy toll on me. Been sleeping mostly, when I'm not waking up sick and coughing etc... I will be on the site and game as much as I can, but that may not be very much at all. I apologize for this but it can't really be avoided. Real life comes first or at least it should for all of us, sometimes this includes illness and the likes. I hope to have JaySun on with you guys but he is working mostly next couple days as far as I know.

Why we got shot

[-ISK-] all_night, Mar 18, 11 10:13 PM.
        Ok, the reason we all got shot is because of a lot of reasons. it started when that turk clan guy shot at me wit rockets. then he ran to portal where some VRU players including SLK member decided we must be popping company ships so they stopped us. Khad u really need to talk to SLK about NOT shooting at allies. i never shot at them so they shouldnt be shooting me. i know i know its a shame that i was tryin to pop a VRU pilot but he did shoot first. im all about kindness but im not gonna walk away either. the reason im posting this here is because everytime i tried explaining it in chat i would get booted by the system. thank you

Happy Hour Updates!

[-ISK-] Khadaver, Mar 16, 11 2:39 PM.
I forgot to mention although I'm sure some of you have already noticed, we now have a twitter box linked to a feed that keeps up with when happy hours occur. For those of you not familiar with happy hour here is a brief explanation. Happy Hour is a promotional offer by Bigpoint on Dark Orbit. Happy hour is 2x your uridium purchase. Mega Happy Hour is a special promotional offer by Bigpoint on Dark Orbit. This Happy  Hour  differs from the normal happy hour because... Mega Happy Hour is 3x your purchase.
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